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What to cook for dinner tonight? We’ll give you answers, personalized to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Welcome to Special Fork, a free mobile web recipe site created to solve your daily dinnertime dilemma: what to cook now! Get just-in-time answers on your smartphone as you push your cart in the supermarket or wait for the commuter bus after work. Simply go online from your phone to Special Fork works with all Internet-enabled handsets, including the iPhone, Blackberry and Android-based phones. You can access Special Fork on you iPad, too.

Special Fork is optimized to give you what-to-cook answers when you're on the go, so the best user experience is on your mobile phone. While it won't display as well on your laptop or PC, you can also access all our recipes, blogs and cooking tips and enjoy the same functionality found on the mobile platform right here. This conventional site is a gateway to Special Fork's mobile platform. We’ll be developing a complementary conventional site in the months ahead.

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Apr 12011

Your Summer Recipes


July 31, 2017

By Sandy Hu

The latest from Inside Special Fork

Each summer, Special Fork goes on hiatus in August, returning after Labor Day. So, this is our last post for the summer. We will return on Monday, September 11.

Steve and I always take our traveling vacation in the spring or fall. This year, if you’ve followed my blog posts, Instagram or Twitter feed, you know we were in the South of France and Turin, Italy, visiting food markets and eating great meals.

August is a staycation time for us. A time to chill and regroup. We are fortunate to live in an area where there are lots of destinations for day trips—the Napa Valley, St. Helena, Monterey and more. It’s also time to visit museums, putter in the garden and do home projects.

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