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What to cook for dinner tonight? We’ll give you answers, personalized to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Welcome to Special Fork, a free mobile web recipe site created to solve your daily dinnertime dilemma: what to cook now! Get just-in-time answers on your smartphone as you push your cart in the supermarket or wait for the commuter bus after work. Simply go online from your phone to Special Fork works with all Internet-enabled handsets, including the iPhone, Blackberry and Android-based phones. You can access Special Fork on you iPad, too.

Special Fork is optimized to give you what-to-cook answers when you're on the go, so the best user experience is on your mobile phone. While it won't display as well on your laptop or PC, you can also access all our recipes, blogs and cooking tips and enjoy the same functionality found on the mobile platform right here. This conventional site is a gateway to Special Fork's mobile platform. We’ll be developing a complementary conventional site in the months ahead.

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Apr 12011

Crisp and Juicy Japanese Fried Chicken


March 27, 2017

By Sandy Hu

The latest from Inside Special Fork

If you follow my Special Fork blog posts, you know that I am wrangling each Friday with trying to make an appealing bento lunch to entice my pre-school granddaughter. She’s a picky eater and spends more time socializing than eating during the lunch hour at school.

By taking over Friday lunch duties, I save her parents a little time, and it gives me a chance to see if I can make a difference in Little Miss T’s eating habits. At this point, the goal is simply to get her to eat—introducing more whole grains and other noble dietary aspirations come later!

Recently, I made chicken karaage, chicken bites marinated with soy sauce, garlic and ginger; coated with potato starch (katakuriko); and fried until crunchy. This is one of those standard menu items you find in prepared bento lunches from Japanese takeout places, and is a perennial favorite. My grandchild ate it all up!

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