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Summer Nights

By Andrew Hunter

Firing up the grill is a thrill for Ben and Nick. They help kindle the coals and blow on the embers until they’re jelly red, then ashy white. Boys are genetically engineered, even at a young age, to be drawn to the smoky heat and sear of well-seasoned meat.

The indoor-outdoor meals of summer are a real joy at the Hunter house. It’s partly because they’re delicious, partly because they’re easy, and partly because the sun has mellowed just enough for a cool night on the patio. But most importantly, because preparing dinner is a family affair.

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Thanksgiving in July…Hmmmmm?!!

By Lori Powell

While most folks are taking long weekends at the beach or enjoying a leisurely summer vacation, I am in a hot kitchen with both of my ovens on high…making Thanksgiving dinner.

Unfortunately every year, a handful of clients ask for Thanksgiving recipe development and photography during the biggest heat wave of summer. You can predict this and schedule your vacation or poolside retreat by it…you just have to give me a shout and ask when my deadline is for this unseasonably and untimely development.

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Summertime Tea

By Katie Barreira

Last week, New Yorkers suffered record high temps and my dad called from Boston to express his concern – namely for the well-being of Minna, my schnoodle.

There had been an incident of paw-fryingly hot pavement. So, off she went to pound the shaded trails of Cape Cod’s seashore by day, and pant under the cool ocean breeze by night.

And what of the girl left to roast in the city? I decided to quit bellyaching and take a cue from our neighbors to the South, who annually endure this forsaken heat. How do they do it?

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Barbecue, Hawaiian Style

By Sandy Hu

Hot day at the beach…seawater and sunscreen. The aromas of teriyaki sizzling sets mouths watering.

“Barbecue” in Hawaii means teriyaki, that wonderful, soy sauce and sugar combination that makes beef, chicken or pork succulent and delicious. Teriyaki is the signature flavor of the Islands, ubiquitous at lunch wagons, fast food eateries, white tablecloth restaurants and neighborhood block parties.

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Almost Instant Fruit Sorbet

By Sandy Hu

At Special Fork, we’re committed to quick and easy cooking. So we thought we’d just take our Flip camera into our own kitchen and show you what we mean.

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