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We Eat with our Eyes

By Andrew Hunter

I know in a split second if my boys are going to eat what’s on their plates or not. That’s because they judge whether they like something by the way it looks. Chefs like to say, “we eat with our eyes,” because we know the way a plate looks to a guest is as important as the way it tastes.

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One or Two Bites

By Lori Powell

I love to barbecue. Over the past 20 years I have pretty much grilled about anything, from whole turkeys to pizza and desserts.

The grills that I alternate between are two different-sized kettle grills and an oversized gas grill with rotisserie. It is a way to cook without too much fuss, time and cleanup. If you have a large gas grill, just heat one side when you’re not cooking for a crowd.

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All About Salt

By Katie Barreira

It wasn’t until I started working in kitchens that I solved a nagging childhood mystery - why did a simple salad taste so much better in restaurants than at home? As it turns out, there was no sleight of hand, but there was a little bit of magic, and the secret ingredient was salt.

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A Food Day in Hong Kong

By Sandy Hu

The energy in Hong Kong is near-frenetic, with people rushing purposefully, escalators revved up to move at high speeds and traffic whizzing by. I love the signs painted on the asphalt – “look left,” “look right.” With cars driving on the opposite side of the road from the States, it’s easy to be step into oncoming traffic looking the wrong way.

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The Floating Market of Amphawa

By Sandy Hu

We have been eating our way through Thailand. From the excellent breakfast buffet at the Sheraton Hua Hin hotel and resort, with its remarkable array of tropical fruit, Thai rice porridge with condiments and traditional Western breakfast food, to various restaurants and street stalls in Bangkok and surroundings, it’s been an exciting culinary adventure.

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