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Enjoy the Moment

By Marilyn Hunter

My great aunt Lucile used to say, “When life gets you down, go do something silly.”
Everyone’s always saying how important it is to “live in the moment.” I’ve heard this time and time again.

As a mom, it’s easy to get bogged down with the details – being punctual, organized and prepared. I used to try so hard to anticipate my boys’ every need – hunger, thirst, boredom. I would plan ahead packing countless items I never even needed.

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So Stylish

By Lori Powell

If you ever see me in the grocery store I am the one who looks like I am having an OCD moment, picking through the produce aisle to find that one perfect-looking apple or trying to find that pear with personality.

Yes, that is what I get paid for and being slightly OCD or a perfectionist is actually a prerequisite and desirable in my occupation as a food stylist. No kidding!

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Waste Not, Want Not!

By Sandy Hu

I always feel virtuous when I clean out the fridge. We have a big Sub-Zero and things can get buried if you aren’t paying attention.

I hate wasting food but admit I do my share. When I clean out the fridge, though, I have a chance to redeem myself.

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Breakfast of Champions

By Andrew Hunter

The other day I said to Marilyn, “I don’t get it, the boys fight over green cars, puffles and army men. Green is their favorite color until veggies are involved.

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Buy Large, Cook Small

By Lori Powell

So I thought I would chat about buying things that can be turned into just one or two bites – not in terms of a snack, but items that you can purchase in larger quantities (cheaper) and store for cooking later.

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